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Book about AWS

Two things:

1. Ms. Garrison and Mr. Kokozka finally got engaged. She is looking for a job at another school next year, so this is the end of their time at AWS.

2. Stanley Cummings, former headmaster of AWS, wrote a book about how much he hated it. The book is called "behind the hedge". "Annie Wright" is changed to "Florence Bruce Seminary." Here's the product description:

***Tom Whitman, behind the wheel on Route 66 heading east with Allison at his side and their cat Caesar curled up on the backseat, would soon find himself immersed in a maelstrom of unimagined dimension. Newly appointed headmaster of Florence Bruce Seminary, Tom was heading toward an unexpected clash of styles and of cultural expectations. His ingrained instincts for sound management were about to challenge the charismatic, lackadaisical leadership style left behind by the former headmaster.

In some respects, the differences would be as great as the clash between Indian and white had been three hundred and fifty years earlier. Violence perpetrated on the school and the community by both bystander and combatant would be traumatic. Rules, laws, agreements, accepted tenets of human behavior, simple decency, contracts—written and unwritten—among people of accepted good standing and integrity would be thrown away with abandon or gleefully ignored. In their place, frontier justice—any means to achieve the ends—would be sufficient justification for actions of intense cruelty. The most basic assumptions regarding safety, fair play, due process and continuity would be destroyed; and those who believed that the operating assumptions at Florence Bruce Seminary were based on decency, dignity and respect would be horrified at the level to which these values were betrayed.***

I'd love to know what you all think.
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